Our Doctors


Our qualified, profesional doctors are available 24 hours a day 7 day a week to support customers with any concerns.

We are committed to offering the highest quality service to all of our customers and all MILVIK Doctors have over 5 years experience

in the medical field.

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How we help

We offer a range of services that help customers manage their own health. We educate customers through tailored health programmes.

We provide unlimited access to qualified doctors. We support with medication advice and discounts to cover

health costs and if the worst should happen our insurance policies offer cashback to help cover health expenses.

Our services have made a huge difference to the lives of people across the world.

Hear from our customers

Angki Angelina

35 Years old – Banking Marketing

 ” So Far, i feel doctor is very humble and nice… They reccomend the right medication with affordable price.  “

Steve saksono

32 Years old – Entrepreneur

 ” Consultation with doctor become more efficient and effective using MILVIK service, especially in this Pandemic COVID Situation. It saves your time and avoid infection risk of COVID. For medicine delivery, i’m impressed with their commitmment to  find the medicine even in the midnight time. “