MILVIK introduce 2 new products, MILVIK Dokter Premium and MILVIK Dokter Plus.

MILVIK Dokter Premium provide comprehensive health protection from tele-doctor, free medicine/lab test until hospital cash plan up to IDR 500K/day with subscription price IDR 95K/month only. MILVIK Dokter Plus with subscription price only IDR 49K/month provide the same benefit type except hospital cash plan.

Customer earn MILVIK point for free medicine/lab test. Customer of MILVIK Dokter Premium will earn MILVIK point IDR 50K/month up to maximum IDR 600K, while customer of MILVIK Dokter Plus will earn MILVIJK point IDR 25K/month up to maximum IDR 300K.

Hospital cash benefit provided from MILVIK Dokter Premium is IDR 500K/day up to 30 days/year for any payment except using airtime and IDR 200K/day up to 90 days/year for payment using airtime.



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